Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have something on your mind and can’t see it below, please email sales@blackandwhitecouriers.com.au.


Q. Can I get a delivery across town in an hour?

A. Yes, depending of course on location and traffic conditions. Our EXPRESS service is a direct drive, meaning that our first available vehicle will pick up your consignment and drive directly to your destination.

Q. Can I request a special or particular type of vehicle?

A. Yes.

Q.Do you deliver furniture?

A. Yes, if the furniture items are packed in a box. For items over 30kg, a two-man or assisted lift will be required. For larger and bulky items such as a wardrobe or filing cabinet, you need to get a specialist furniture removal company.

Q. I have feedback, who do I speak to?

A. Please call our office on (02) 9897 9499 and speak to one of our friendly staff or email sales@blackandwhitecouriers.com.au.

Q. We need 15 pallets delivered, can you do this?

A. Absolutely. For any deliveries too large for our vehicles, we can always recommend another provider who may be able to help!

Q. Do you deliver to country areas?

A. Unfortunately no, however, we will happily assist with your delivery within the Sydney Metropolitan area!

Q. What can cause a service delay?

A. Delays can be caused by an array of things including traffic and weather conditions and incorrect delivery details. We will advise you when you book a job if there are factors that may delay your delivery and as they arise for VIP and EXPRESS service bookings.

Q.What Kind of vehicles can we book?

A. Cars, small vans, 1-tonne flattop Utes and flattop and tail lift trucks. Black & White Couriers is happy to recommend larger freight carriers to ensure that your job can always be done, even if it requires specialist vehicles like crate and hiab trucks.


Q. Can I get a reprint of my invoice?

A. Yes, at any time. Just call one of our friendly staff on (02) 98979499 or email us at accounts@blackandwhitecouriers.com. Alternatively, you can log on from our website using your account details.

Q. Can I pay by Credit Card and is there a surcharge?

A. Yes you can. We accept Visa and MasterCard and no, there is no applicable surcharge – we wouldn’t do that to you.

Q. Can I pay credit card or set up an account?

A. You can do either. We suggest that you use us first and then set up an account.

Q. Can you send a statement?

A. Black & White Couriers is able to produce an invoice/ statement as well as a tax invoice/ receipt depending on the payment method.  Account customers are issued with a statement every fortnight.

Q. How do you send accounts, and how often?

A. Accounts are mailed or emailed (depending on your preference) fortnightly. Our payment terms are strictly within fourteen (14) days from the date the invoice is issued unless otherwise discussed and approved.

Q. I want to pay the driver cash, is that OK?

A. Unfortunately, we do not carry or accept cash. All non account deliveries require a credit card at the time of booking.

Q. What is the service fee on my account?

A. Unlike other courier companies, we do not charge any account servicing fees!


Q. Can I reuse boxes to pack my consignment?

A. We are all for a greener world, so feel free to reuse cartons and boxes.  Just ensure that you remove all old labels and barcodes from the box and clearly label it with the new delivery address.

Q. I do not have any packaging, does this matter?

A. Yes it does. All items need to be properly packaged. This helps to ensure that your consignment won’t get damaged and protects other people’s freight. If an item isn’t packed appropriately, we may refuse the pickup. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure the consignment is correctly and safely packaged.

Q. I marked the item as ‘Fragile’, is this OK?

A. Just make sure it is clear on the packaging. We handle all items with care and your items are delivered by the same driver who collected them so there is no unnecessary handling of your consignment. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that the packaging is appropriate and that the item(s) is safely packaged for transit.

Q. How should I label my package?

A. Your consignment note or label should be clear and placed on the top of the box so the driver can easily read and identify your consignment. If there are numerous items, it is recommended that you number these as part of a group. For example: 1 of 3; 2 of 3 and 3 of 3. 


Q. Can you automatically send me an email when my job is delivered?

A. Yes, just notify a team member of this request when making your booking. We can also call you, if that is easier for you to confirm delivery of your consignment.

Q. Will you get a signature for the delivery?

A. Yes, our drivers get a signature and also a name of the receiver for every delivery unless otherwise instructed at booking.


Q. Can I book online?

A. Account customers can book regular jobs online once they have logged in.

Q. Can I email my pick up and delivery details to you?

A. Yes. Our email is sales@blackandwhitecouriers.com.au. We will need the full pick up address (including a contact person and number) as well as the correct delivery address (including a contact person and number). You will also need to include details on the consignment and any other delivery instructions for the booking.

Q. What number do I call to make a booking?

A. (02) 9897 9499.

Q. I am not sure of the address, but it is close – will your driver sort it out?

A. No. Before you dispatch an item it must be correctly and fully addressed. If you are not sure of the full address, then do not send the goods until you have all details. Fees and charges may apply for waiting time and re-delivery.