Vehicle Selector


We can offer you a wide range of vehicles from our fleet that best meets your transport requirements.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, our transport partners will. You only have to deal with one company, and that is Black & White.

Take a look at the table below which gives you an outline of the vehicles available and details of what you can carry on them.  This information is useful in helping you decide what vehicle you will require for your consignment, and therefore the associated cost. For more information please contact us via email or on (02) 9897 9499.

Standard Courier Vehicle Any box, envelope or bag that could fit on a front seat of a vehicle and can be carried in hand by the driver Up to 0.5 metre Up to 25kg 
1/2 Tonne Tray / Van  Pallets, larger boxes, mats, rolls of fabric Up to 1.2 metres Up to 500kg
1 Tonne Tray / Van  Either 2 pallets or any cargo that takes up 2 pallet spaces.  Up to 2.4 metres Up to 1000kg 
2 Tonne Tray / Tautliner No more than 2 pallet spaces Up to 3.2 metres Up to 2,000kg 
4 Tonne Tray / Tautliner Up to 5-6 pallet spaces Up to 3.6 metres Up to 4,000kg 
6 Tonne Tray / Tautliner Up to 6-8 pallet spaces Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6,000kg 
8 Tonne Tray / Tautliner 8-10 pallet spaces Up to 7.5 metres Up to 8,000kg 
10 Tonne Tray / Tautliner  11-12 pallet spaces Up to 7.5 metres Up to 10,000kg
12 Tonne Tray / Tautliner 12 pallet spaces Up to 7.5 metres  12,000kg


Note: Hydraulic Tailgate Vehicles, Crane Trucks & Semi Trailers are also available on request.


Ute Ute
Van Van
Flat Top FlatTop
Tautliner Tautliner
Hiab Hiab